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What service do you need?

Sydney removalists charging fixed prices or hourly rates? Which is better…

How to make your move easier?

Choosing a moving company has never been harder.  There are so many different local movers who claim to be the best.  Their moving websites all look the same, they all claim to be “professional, affordable, reliable”.  Well guess what? So does every Sydney service business.
You need to keep in mind that the MOVERS themselves are generally of the same quality with the same training as every other mover in most reputable moving companies.  For example, we have crews who have worked for the likes of Grace Removals, Kent Moving and Allied Pickfords.  They have all been trained properly and are all professional, however removalists tend to move between companies every three to four years.  Call it boredom, but that is just what happens.

Two pricing models

The moving industry has two main pricing methods.  Fixed and hourly pricing.

Most moving companies offer both although often fixed prices work out more expensive for you and your family, we will tell you why in a moment.

Fixed Price 

A fixed price moving service is just that, it’s a locked in price depending on a number of factors:

  1. How much furniture you have to move?
  2. What is the distance you are moving?
  3. What is the access like at the pickup and delivery?
  4. Are you packing yourself or paying for the pack?

How much furniture do you have?

Simply asking you how many bedrooms and other rooms you have is not going to accurately represent your furniture volume.  The removalist or sales person you are dealing with should be doing an item by item survey of all of your contents if they are going to give you an accurate fixed price quote and ensure you have a smooth moving day.

What is the distance you are moving?

Believe it or not, the distance you move (unless moving out of a city, interstate or internationally), will have the least effect on the price of the move.

Why? If you are moving 3 blocks, or 30km, it’s only the actual drive time that matters to the removalist quote.  For example if you are moving from Sydney’s Inner West to the Eastern Suburbs, it’s only a 30 min trip.  The real cost is in the access and loading/unloading time.

What is the access like?

If you are moving from a Sydney suburb like Randwick to another suburb like Paddington, the chances are the access at both properties will be fairly simple.  Things like internal access including stairs, tight hallways and small entrances to rooms do have an effect but not as much as if you were moving in and out of an apartment in Zetland (most with lifts) or Bondi (stairs!!).

Even if your building has a lift, this can still take a long time.  Often the lift only has basement access so the furniture needs to be ferried in a ferry vehicle  ( a tray top Hilux etc)

Who is doing the packing?

If you pack your own boxes, the removalist will add extra margin into the quote as moving boxes not packed by professional removalists will not be packed as efficiently, may not be able to be stacked as well etc.

Getting a mover to pack your belongings is a great way to reduce stress and keep the actual MOVE cost down.


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MoveLab were unreal. They came to my house to give me a quote, it was a little more expensive than the others but my wife and I were very happy with the move!
Roy and his team showed up on time, did the job quickly, and was polite and professional. Would definitely use again.
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