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With more than 20 years of experience, Move Lab has been designated as one of the premier Removalists service providers in Australia.
Move Lab provides all-around support to different customer bases for decades. We are dedicated to offering stress-free, straightforward and affordable moving for all types of customers. We have also a very skilled and experienced workforce who takes care of every aspect of moving strictly.
We believe in supporting our customers with affordable packages and utmost care during the transportation process. We ensure affordability and accessibility for our valuable customers. Our philosophy of business is to put our service one step ahead of others by considering customers’ benefits first. We believe in a transparent business model and put customer satisfaction as our topmost priority.

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    All types of moving services

    Move Lab works round the clock to support all types of moving services. We don’t distinguish between the large or small move, for us every project is vital and we perform it with special attention.
    We are happy to assist you irrespective of what you ship, either your entire business or a part of your property. Move Lab has well-designed and customized packages for all types of customers who are willing to hire us. As we focus on affordability, we are happy to offer customers backloading service. Such services are not tailored to bring us profit, but to help the customers who are in dire need of relocation. We have a vast section of moving services, which can be hired for any of your needs. Our company has a presence in almost all the states, suburbs and even other countries. We also handle international shipping with utmost care.

    Move Lab has its storage units located in different cities and states across Australia. Our strong fleet of trucks, equipped with a GPS tracking system and skilled drivers, helps us to manage any shipment within time. Our large fleet of trucks also enables us to handle multiple projects or industrial moves at a time. The trucks in our business feature advanced mechanism, which also ensures supreme safety while moving.
    Our company has achieved an exceptional reputation in the last two decades. Our company not only assure safe and affordable moving but also ensure your goods during transit. We boast for being one of the most prime service providers in the country, with a huge customer base.

    Why People Choose Us?

    Our company has reached various milestones in the last 20 years. With a rich and significant history, we have taken different policies that helps the society and environment. We have progressed exceptionally in lowering down carbon emission and do a lot of charity for the countrymen. We offer free packing materials to the customers, which we further use or recycle to reduce plastic wastage.
    Thousands of people are attached to our pioneer company since its inception. We have helped hundreds of people with employment and shared other support to people in need. Our motto is to create a sustainable environment and make Australia a great place for people.