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Relocation might look simple, but a lot of hard work and internal preparation are associated with it. Once you book Sydney to Gold Coast Removalists, we start preparing with our next moves. The back-end team and the on-field team starts communicating with each other to make the process go smooth without any mess. Starting from preparing quotations to the road map, everything is done as fast as possible to ensure the process starts early. Let’s have a quick look at how the operation and execution team of Move Lab works together to accomplish the assignment, successfully.

The first step of Sydney to Gold Coast Removalists

The first step for Interstate Removals is to follow two very basic steps, i.e. inspection and assessment of the site and prepare a suitable quotation for the customer. If the project is big as a business centre, warehouse, library, factory, etc. the Sydney to Gold Coast Removalist sends a representative to inspect the volume of the goods. According to the number of goods we coordinate with the backend team to assign the right vehicle for the shipment. Also, we prepare the quotation for the shipment. Move Lab tries its best to get you an affordable deal. You can also assess your shipping charges through our interstate moving cost calculator feature. These are the very first steps of any move.

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    Pre-move assessment and coordination

    Once the customer finalizes the deal, we start preparing ourselves for how to manage the road map for the project. Interstate Removalist Sydney to Gold Coast handles the pre-move through series of internal meetings and discussions. The backend team coordinates with the front line team and informs them about the road condition. If the weather is harsh then we work on alternative routes. Our main motto is to deliver your goods to the new site on time. We know how much loss a company has to bear if the operation is closed for several days. The professionals conduct an internal meeting to discuss the challenges that might occur during the assignment. We have engineers in our team who after assessing the factory site can let us know the complexity of the work. The internal meeting also discusses the project and informs the on-field team if there is any special request from the customers.

    Final pre-move steps the company follows

    On the final day, our team reaches your site on time. However, before reaching a lot of discussions takes place at our office.

    • Team assembling and project brief – The cheap interstate Removalists once reaching the site assembles, where the supervisor briefs about the project. Here the team internally coordinates how to proceed with the packing and loading. We always assign a specialized team to work on the project. It helps to wrap up the work on time.                
    • Assistance from supervisors – The coordinator coordinates among themselves (coordinator from the original and destination site), which helps them to prepare the labeling and marking. The Removals Sydney to Gold Coast always stays connected with the back end team and the owner so that if any confusion arises, it can be resolved immediately.  
    • Packing and loading tasks – The Interstate Removalists start packing as per guided by the supervisors. The packing is done with high-quality material to minimize the risk of damage. Special care is taken so that the property is not damaged while packing, lifting, and loading.

    The library moving process

    The moving process of a library consists of several steps. We have explained how it is done:

    The first task of Interstate Removalists is to understand the library floor plan and the shelving system. Once we are aware of it, we plan our move and have a detailed discussion before conducting the task. A team meeting is organized, where the back end team is also present. The meeting helps the back end team to understand the method and elaborate it to the customers if required.

    Sequential packing is the process of packing one shelf at a time. If the shelving system is organized alphabetically then the packing will be done accordingly. On the other hand, if the display is done based on the genres of the books then the Removalists follow that method. We place the books in trolleys so that they can be moved easily. Also, plastic boxes with lids are used to do the same for documents or journals.

    Interfiling is done according to alphabetic order. This is a part of the packing process. We prepare a catalog or checklist of the series of books and follow the same while reassembling it in the new site.

    The shelves are dismantled and moved, but the Furniture Removalist in order to keep track labels it while packing. The labeling helps in reassembling the shelves once it reaches the new site.

    Our team also clean the library site once everything has been packed and loaded in the truck. We maintain this process for every single assignment, irrespective of its type and value.

    Shipping in process

    While the shipping is in process, our back-end team keeps tracking the shipment. The tracking is done through the GPS system installed in our vehicles. If the vehicle faces any challenge while moving or faces an accident, the central control room is informed about the same immediately. Roadside assistance is assigned for the vehicle.

    Gold Coast Interstate Removals

    Needless to say, due to dedicated storage sections, comparative price (no hidden charges), and trustworthy service, we have been named as one of the top moving companies in the country. Move Lab hires skilled employees to tackle any type of moving. Sydney to Gold Coast Removalists is just a phone call away, never hesitate to call us during any relocation need.